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Brazilian, 35 years old, administrator with a post-graduate degree in marketing. He left his career as a commercial manager in large corporations to dedicate himself to a project.


Passionate about traveling, he has visited more than 50 countries on 4 continents. He has also had exchange programs in Australia, Costa Rica, and Peru. He believes that through genuine experiences it is possible to provoke a revolution and revolutionize ideas, opinions, and values.


Dealing with contradictions and seeking perspectives that differ from what we advocate is one of the greatest intellectual challenges we can face.


Deconstructing requires much more effort than constructing. However, in an increasingly polarized world, it has never been more important to seek perspectives that differ from our own. Information, education, and opportunity are the only ways to transform the world into a more just and equal place.


After 13 years dedicated to the corporate world representing multinational companies in the transportation segment, he turned his life upside down. He left a stable job, sold all his assets, and with a 13kg backpack, embarked on a one-way trip in search of personal transformation.


He traveled through several countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. He supported social projects, volunteered in various activities, went to war-torn regions, became a dive master, reached the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) in Nepal, rode a motorcycle through Africa, and faced many other adventures.


Today he has become a writer in his spare time, a speaker, a diving guide, and is currently on a motorcycle journey through the African continent.

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We need to understand our privilege in such an unequal world

He is constantly present in the African continent and has participated in social projects in Kenya and Tanzania, including Mathare, considered the largest slum in the continent.


He has also been to Malawi, considered one of the poorest countries in the world. He visited Ethiopia during the civil war.


Understanding privilege in such an unequal world is to practice gratitude daily. More than that, it is to understand the importance of empathy, solidarity, and community.


Reflecting, planning and not acting is harmless 

He hit the road in July 2021, one year and five months after the first COVID contamination case in Brazil. This proved how there will never be a perfect moment to pursue our projects.


Mental obesity is a challenge to be overcome. Whatever your plan is, taking action is essential to achieve your goal.


We will not find ideal and symmetrical conditions. With focus, planning, and action, it is possible to achieve what we aspire to. Life is transitory, and allowing ourselves should be a non-negotiable clause in life's contract.


Technology, population growth and climate change

Never in human history has the world transformed as rapidly as in the current century. Topics such as technology, climate change, and population growth have made the environment increasingly challenging and competitive.


Nouns like adaptability, flexibility, and resilience are imperative conditions for a fulfilling life. World has been changing quickly, so have we?

It's also necessary to reflect on what kind of world we want to leave for future generations.


Check out the highlights in some articles.


ZA Bikers is one of the largest specialized media outlets for motorcycling in South Africa, and they did a super interesting report on my stay in the country. Check it out!


During a brief visit to Brazil, I had the opportunity to chat with Igor from the Modo Mato podcast. It was a super pleasant conversation about reflection, transformation, and privilege.

Hero Motocorp is a multinational Indian motorcycle manufacturer and a partner in my adventures in Africa. There are several articles published on their Facebook page about my journey.


"Our time together as we confer I became your apprentice, extracting useful information that are currently resourceful to my day-to-day activities. Even as we traced through the streets of mathare 4b, touring place to place and experiencing different scene. You kept nurturing me and for that I will forever continuing being grateful..."

Reagan Waithaka

Lea Mathare Foundation (CEO)

Nairobi, Kenya


"Gabriel was a wonderful-hearted person who knew how to live, knew people and was ready to help with all his heart. He was a gentleman, kind, hardworking and had a high life energy. We did fun things together that will always stay warm even in winter conditions. I gained a friend. Im so happy to know him. I hope our paths cross again..."

Seculk Fesahin

Family Community Farm (CEO)

Golpazari, Türkiye


Having had the privilege of working alongside him on two projects, I can attest to his exceptional qualities. Gabriel is not only well-travelled, having explored diverse cultures and landscapes, but he also possesses a keen intellect that consistently impresses those around him. In summary, Gabriel is a well-travelled, intelligent, and energetic individual who brings a unique perspective and boundless enthusiasm to everything he does. I have no doubt that he will continue to inspire more people through his storytelling and sharing of unique travel experiences. 

Mikael Cloete
Group Head: Fire It Up Group
Johannesburg, South Africa


"The biggest impression and memory I carry from Gabriel is his simplicity, humility, courage to travel the world alone, fearless, enjoying every minute of his life with intensity. His ease of making friends, his minimalist way of being, his serving others, as you have donated your time and talent to rural communities (Africa)..."

Anabela Belmonte

Malachi Garden (CEO)
Maputo, Mozambique

"Gabriel is a traveler who left behind his comfortable life in Brazil and has been moving around the world. This journey has changed him completely. He had throw all his attitudes, values and life goals overboard and seek new ones. When you meet him today , you meet a man with a huge heart, contagious passion and inspiring aura with his eyes firmly on the horizon. He is bursting with energy and never tires of passing it on to the new people around hum..."

Elias Domsch

Former Socialist Democratic Party

Berlin, Germany

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Thank you for your trust, and have great adventures!




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