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A Journey of Deconstruction

Through reflections, I changed the course of my life. As I keep saying to everyone, transformation is only possible through successful reflection followed by action. After nearly three years of traveling through Africa and Asia and many reflections on the experiences I went through, I decided to write a collection of thoughts and share them.

From a comfortable life to personal transformation. Do we have the courage to renounce?

Author Gabriel Turano takes us on a captivating journey of self-discovery and courage. Born and raised in São Paulo, at the age of 35, Gabriel decides to break free from his stable and predictable life as a commercial manager in multinational transportation companies. Carrying only a 13kg backpack, he abandons his routine and embarks on a quest for profound personal transformation.

Within these pages, Gabriel Turano shares his bold journey of self-awareness and overcoming challenges. Leaving his comfort zone behind, he invites us to join him through various reflections he wrote while traveling through Africa and Asia. Confronting challenges ranging from supporting social projects in Africa to traveling by motorcycle across the continent, his stories capture the essence of adventure and the pursuit of life's true essence.

At the heart of this work is the unwavering belief that genuine experiences have the power to completely transform our worldview. Gabriel believes that by getting lost, we find ourselves in ways we could never predict.

My generation sought stability early on. We put down roots through work, homeownership, and relationships and didn't allow ourselves to explore alternative paths beyond those imposed by the system. We grew up hearing: "Study! Get a well-paying job. Have a fancy and expensive car! Buy a house!" - It didn't matter if it was financed for 30 years and belonged to the bank during that time. We weren't taught from a young age to look within ourselves, to reflect on what we truly want. We mistakenly pursued high salaries, designer clothes, and fancy cars over personal fulfillment, genuine relationships, and empathy. We grew up in an apathetic environment, with no room for communion and solidarity.

Gabriel Turano

Acquire and make someone's future possible.

100% of the income goes to the Lea Mathare Foundation.

The book launch is a way I found to contribute to a social project that changed my life. In July 2021, I volunteered for a social project in the largest slum in Africa, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Like many social projects, the LEA MATHARE FOUNDATION faces various challenges to stay operational, such as a shortage of food and school supplies donations, as well as structural and financial difficulties to fulfill the project's essential obligations. Without the support of donations, the children served by the NGO would return to the streets of Mathare. Learn more about the project by clicking here!

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